TradersYardX Standard Edition

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This version contains:

  • 12 Premium Features – a collection of features especially if you are focusing only on charting
  • 30 Free Features

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CommonOnline EducationSubscribeOnline platform docs, Online scripting docs, Online indicator docs
Package EditorSubscribeCreate your own TYX packages and addons.
Package ImportSubscribeImport external packages and addons
Single WorkspaceSubscribeSave and work with max. 1 workspace
Multi Workspace ManagementSubscribeWork with an unlimited amount of workspaces
Standard ToolsSubscribeNotes, WebTab, TYX-Clock
Style and SkinsSubscribeSelect dark or light style for the interface
Backup/Restore InstallationsSubscribeBackup and restore your whole TradersYardX System
Ticket SupportSubscribeGet high-quality email-support from our technicians
Tools&AccessoriesFinancialCalendarSubscribeShows all the important economical events, earnings, bank holiday and dividend dates.
Fundamental Screener StandardSubscribeScan for thousands of US stocks according to their fundamental and technical criteria
Fundamental Screener ProfessionalSubscribe-- coming soon --
Trading Journal BASICSubscribeEnables a fully integrated TradingJournal that automatically keeps track of all your trades
Trading Journal PROSubscribeAdditional metrics for your integrated TradingJournal: benchmarking, detailled statistics about your trading and P&L distributions, calculate indicators based on your equity curve, etc.
FuturesCalendarSubscribeIn the Futures calendar you will get a effective overview of the expiry dates on which rollovers will happen
Yahoo/Google News & FundamentalsSubscribeAccess to Instrument News from Yahoo Finance and Google Finance websites with a single click
BacktestingSubscribeBacktest full automated strategies and TYX++ setups
TradersYard IntegrationSubscribeDirect access to TradersYard chat, shared-trades, shared analysis, offices, workshops, web-meetings
TV-StreamsSubscribeAccess to various TV streams directly in TradersYardX
Mobile NotifierSubscribeReceive mobile notifications (Android & iOS) for executions, trading signals, price alerts, indicator alerts, time alerts
SettingsGeneral SettingsSubscribeAccess to InstrumentManager, Markets&Mappings, AccountConnections and Configuration Editor
Language SelectionSubscribeLanguage selection for the TYX interface.
System InfoSystem InformationsSubscribeAccess to System-Messages, TYX-Log and ServerMessages
TradingTrading InformationSubscribeGet access to: OrderManager, (Part-)TradesManager, ExecutionManager, Trading account settings, Public Mode
Flatten AllSubscribeFlatten all your running trades and remove all open orders with a single click
Depth Of Markets + Times&SalesSubscribeAccess the DOM and T&S panel next to your chart (requires Level2 data)
ForexPadSubscribeGet a detailled and efficient overview about the forex market with the ForexPad
Options BASICSubscribeEnables basic tools for option-trading and option-analytics
Level 3 – Market Makers/ECNsSubscribeAccess the 3rd Level Box to see details about MarketMakers and ECNs (Level3 data)
AlertsAlertsSubscribeUse time-alerts, price-alerts and indicator-alerts
Strategy handlingStrategyManagerSubscribeStart and manage all your trading strategies independently from the charts
TradersYard-X ScriptingSubscribeScript Indicators, Signals, Strategies and AlertHandlers in the built-in TYX-IDE
VisualStudio IntegrationSubscribeConnect your TradersYardX with Microsoft VisualStudio and develop your TX scripts directly inside VisualStudio
TX++ SetupBuilderSubscribeBuild your own fully functional trading-setups with a few clicks and realize semi-automatized trading-strategies
TX++ SignalBuilderSubscribeCreate your individual Signals and Conditions just via drag&drop
ChartBasic Charting FeaturesSubscribeSymbol-Selection, Strategies-Selction, ChartNavigation, HistoryManagement, ChartMarkers/Spread, TradingInformation, Color Settings, Standard TradingPads
Indicators StandardSubscribeAccess 25 basic Indicators, Scripted Indicators, Conditions and Scripted Conditions
Indicators AdvancedSubscribeAccess all 150+ integrated Indicators (no access to premium- and addon-indicators)
Mouse Pointer StandardSubscribeUse basic mouse-pointer styles: arrow, arrow with Markers and crosshair
Mouse Pointer AdvancedSubscribeUse following mouse-pointer stlyles: Global Crosshair, Global Crosshair Scrolling, Magnifier
PriceStyles StandardSubscribeUse Candle-, Line-, Mountain- and Bar-Charts
PriceStyles VolumeCandlesSubscribeUse VolumeCandle-PriceStyles in your chart: EquiVolume, EquiVolume Shadow and CandleVolume
TimeFrames StandardSubscribeCharting with timebased periods
TimeFrames AdvancedSubscribeNon-Time-Based Timeframes: Kagi, HeikinAshi, Renko, LineBreak, ReversalBars, Point&Figure, Range, Volume, Tick
Chart ExportSubscribeSave chart or chart-group as image, print chart or chart-group, export chart-data to excel
Chart TemplatesSubscribeCreate and work with chart-templates
Chart-BarTimerSubscribeDisplays a progress-bar / countdown of the currently active bar
ChartGallerySubscribeNo more limits for your charts and chart groups with Single chart galleries, List chart galleries, Tab chart galleries, Chart galleries for instrument lists
Multi Data SeriesSubscribeAdd data series of any other symbol inside the same chart
Cumulative IndicesSubscribeShow cumulative indices like TRIN, TRINQ, TICK, etc. as seperate dataseries in a seperate panel below your charts.
OrderStream ChartsSubscribeGet deeper insights into the markets with orderstream-charts and orderstream-statistics (Level2 data required)
Pre/Post-MarketDataSubscribeDisplay price movements outside the regular market hours on your charts.
Chart GroupsChartContainer StandardSubscribeUse SingleCharts, SingleChartGroup and max. 2 ListChartGroups
ChartContainer AdvancedSubscribeUse 3+ ListChartGroups and TabChartGroups
ChartGroup StandardSubscribeUse ChartGroups: AddChart, Remove Chart, Set Container Style
ChartGroup TemplatesSubscribeCreate and work with chart-group-templates
Chart TradingChart TradingSubscribeGenerate orders directly with 1-click in every chart
Discretionary Order TemplatesSubscribeSave and apply your discretionary order-structures as templates (incl. predefined…
QuickTraderSubscribeQuickly enter orders and strategies directly from the chart + see Level2 quotes direclty in the chart
Action BarActionBar StandardSubscribeAccess to StandardTradingPad, Settings, Price-Styles, TimeFrames
ActionBar AdvancedSubscribeUse advanced tools in your Actionbar: dynamic indicator-display, access favorite drawings and add/remove from instrument-lists
Drawing objectsDrawing Objects StandardSubscribeAccess 6 basic DrawingObjects (trendline, horizontal-line, vertical-line, fibonacci retracement, text objects, freehand drawing)
Drawing Object AdvancedSubscribeGet access to all drawing objects.
ScannerScanner StandardSubscribeManage Instruments and InstrumentLists, Mark items in the scanner, Move to next expiry, Enable Sound Alerts, Start strategy
Scanner AdvancedSubscribeAdditional settings for your scanner: Open linked Charts/Chartgroups, Scanner Templates, Auto interval-Sorting
WatchlistSubscribeSave instruments to your watchlist and monitor them there.
TX++ MultiSignal ColumnSubscribeSearch for signals for thousands of instruments simultaneously for your self-created signals + consequently start a predefined setup with a single click.
Dynamic ScannerSubscribeCollects all available signals that are active in one of your opened charts/chart groups
ConnectorsTaiPan-ConnectorSubscribeAPI connection to Lenz&Partner TaiPan datafeed.
Simulation Account ConnectorSubscribeInternal simulation brokerage account
xTick FREESubscribeEOD data for up to 150 NASDAQ, NYSE and XETRA stock symbols. DATA IS FREE!
Record/Replay-ConnectorSubscribeA simulated brokerage account with the possibility to record and replay realtime or historical data
xTick 500SubscribeEOD data for up to 500 NASDAQ, NYSE and XETRA stock symbols. DATA-COST IS INCLUDED IN THE SUBSCRIPTION PRICE!
xTick 1000SubscribeEOD data for up to 1.000 NASDAQ, NYSE and XETRA stock symbols. DATA-COST IS INCLUDED IN THE SUBSCRIPTION PRICE!
xTick UNLIMITEDSubscribeEOD data for an unlimited amount of NASDAQ, NYSE and XETRA stock symbols. DATA-COST IS INCLUDED IN THE SUBSCRIPTION PRICE!
IQFeed-ConnectorSubscribeAPI connection to IQFeed datafeed
BarChart-ConnectorSubscribeAPI connection to Barchart datafeed
Tickmill/CQG-ConnectorSubscribeAPI (CQG) connection to Tickmill brokerage & datafeed
AMP/Rithmic-ConnectorSubscribeAPI (Rithmic) connection to AMP brokerage brokerage & datafeed
FXCM-ConnectorSubscribeAPI connection to FXCM brokerage & datafeed
Rithmic-ConnectorSubscribeAPI connection to any brokerage & datafeed that uses Rithmic technology.
CQG-ConnectorSubscribeAPI connection to any brokerage & datafeed that uses CQG technology.
DukasCopy-ConnectorSubscribeAPI (jForex / Java) connection to Dukascopy brokerage & datafeed.
Gain-ConnectorSubscribeAPI connection to any brokerage & datafeed that uses GainCapital technology.
AMP/CQG-ConnectorSubscribeAPI (CQG) connection to AMP brokerage brokerage & datafeed
XTB-ConnectorSubscribeAPI connection to XTB.COM (XTB International) brokerage & datafeed
MetaTrader5-Connector*SubscribeConnect to any MetaTrader5 brokerage & datafeed (e.g. FxFlat)
InteractiveBrokers-ConnectorSubscribeConnection to InteractiveBrokers brokerage & datafeed or any of its IBs (e.g. CapTrader)
AddOnsVolume Advanced AddOnSubscribe3 VolumeProfile versions and 10 additional volume-based indicators + volume signals.
COT Standard AddOnSubscribeBasic tools to analyse the Legacy COT Report from the CFTC.
COT Advanced AddOnSubscribeAdvanced tools to analyse the Legacy & Disaggregated COT Report from the CFTC.
DowTheory Standard AddOnSubscribeDow Theory trend recognition, inside-bars and reversal-bar detection, market-phases scanner, multi-timeframe boxes, daylines advanced indicator
DowTheory Advanced AddOnSubscribeContent of the DowTheoryStandard Addon + automated dow-theory trailing stops + dow-theory trading signals
Correlation MatrixSubscribeCompare the performance of individual instruments and even whole instrument lists in real-time
Seasonality Standard AddOnSubscribeAnalyze seasonal patterns in EoD timeframe and ALL asset classes
Seasonality Advanced AddOnSubscribeAnalyze seasonal patterns in INTRADAY & EoD timeframe and ALL asset classes
LocationPoint Advanced AddOnSubscribe6 highly effective entry signals + advanced supportive tools for the LocationPoint® trading style.


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