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xYards Affiliate Programm

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Why Join the xYard Affiliate Programm?

Up to 30% Recurring Commision Forever

For every sale you will get 30% recurring commission. That means, just by sharing your affiliate link one time, you will always get commission as long as the customer stays with us.

Easy Dashboard

The affiliate dashboard allows you to track all your affiliate earnings and payments effortlessly. With that, you will get all the affiliate links at one place.

Easy Payout System

You don't have to worry about the payout of your earned commissions. xYards credited your commissions in your PayPal or Bank account once in a month without any delay.

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Benefit of xYards Affiliate Program

Become our affiliate partner and earn recurring commission on every sale.

How It Work?

If one of the users that you referred to TradersYard now also starts as affiliate in TradersYard, this affiliate will be connected to you (as your level 2 affiliate) and you also get commissions to the sales that this new affiliate is generating.

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Level I:

Level II:

Level III:

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What are you waiting for?

Start earning recurring commission for your referrals

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