MT-ON Live Signal To MT-ON Live Signal PRO


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Diese Pro-Version vom MT ON Live Signal Addon beinhaltet neben den Funktionalitäten der Standard-Version folgende zusätzliche Features:

  • Berücksichtigung der Spreads
  • Faketrends: Bestimmte Gegentrends aus Sicht der fachlichen Unschärfe führen nicht zu einem Trendbruch
  • Close: Ein Trendbruch erfolgt nicht auf Tick-, sondern erst auf Schlusskursbasis
  • Toleranz: Individuell einstellbare Zonen, automatisch adjustierend an alle Trendgrößen, schützen auf Tickbasis vor Trendbrüchen
  • Kombinationen der vorgenannten Optionen für größtmögliche Unschärfe
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The Market Technical Trading illustrates the current supply-/demand-situation in the form of trends. At this it is critical to consider two associated trend sizes: The signal size, in which you are trading, and the GWL, the relevant upper trend size. For that reason, the ON-Addon always considers the situation in the signal size as well as in the GWL.

The assignment of the appropriate trend sizes is not governed by an individual perception, but A) a specialized, professional derivation and B) by the definition of Spot & Future markets and the connection between them.Ultimately the Futures Market is the hour of birth of the Market Technical Trading. Since the ON-Addon only needs one time frame to display the trend in both the signal size & the GWL, using AgenaTrader in combination with the new ON-Addon is an extremely efficient way to work with and to carry out your analyses.

The package masters trading the trend as well as movements, including appropriate stop management (cf. “PREDEFINED SETUPS”). To bring your attention to particularly interesting constellations and possible entries directly in the chart, the ON-Addon can use different flash techniques. With that you stay on top of even very dynamical market situations and lose no chances. T

he package is also capable of recognizing and displaying opposite signals in the signal size as well the GWL – you always stay on top of present market events, independent of their complexity or constellations. Another specialty is the resumption of temporary broken trends in case of their renewed validity. That ensures a so far unmatched closeness to the market that won’t let you miss any trend. The traffic lights concept of the TradingZone offers a further optical aid in the signal size and GWL.

In its overall height, it represents the last correction zone of a valid trend and additionally symbolizes via its color gradient from Red to Green the actual correction-depth/-height. The used traffic lights concept simplifies the orientation during the trading of corrections as the attractivity of any given correction is visible at a glance.